Thursday, July 18, 2013

Theme Weddings Thursday! A Legend of Zelda Wedding Theme Inspiration

I decided that once a month was not enough and after some thought (and much encouragement and nagging from various sources), I've decided to feature a different wedding theme each week...or rather each Thursday, starting today!

So my quirky wedding theme today is in honour of my favourite video game of all time: The Legend of Zelda! Yes, I confess, I was hooked on the original NES game (copyright Nintendo):

... and when my son plays the theme music on guitar it brings back good memories of sitting in the basement on the floor trying to get past the blue Orcs so I could get to the stairs in the middle of the floor. Ah, good times! :-) I didn't get into the sequels quite as much, although I also liked Four Swords (I tend to favor the old pixelated video games as opposed to the more realistic games out today). Anyways, I'm not alone in my love of Zelda and Link, and some folks have decided that they love it so much they want to use it as the theme of their wedding!  First of all, there's the proposing... the site Geekologie featured the story of a clever young guy who hacked into an emulated version of the Legend of Zelda NES game and used it to ask his beloved (who he knew was going to play the game) to marry him. I gotta admit, it's a sweet propsal, and definitely unique!

And when she looked over at her soon-to-be fiance in shock, she found him kneeling in front of her with this (pretty cute, you gotta admit):

And then there's the ring itself...
Photo Credit: CustomMade/Designed by Paul Michael Design

or maybe one a tiny bit more subtle:

 and of course, can't forget the wedding bands (I love the saying inside!). 

These amazing bands are by Toronto goldsmith & jewelery designer Zsolt Szekely. If you haven't checked out his work, you are missing out because he designs incredible and unique things ...perfect for unique couples wanting something a little different for their weddings!

Now a diehard Zelda bride might want to go all out as Princess Zelda, such as this amazing cosplay featured on the blog:

Or you could wear normal bridal attire and just use accessories to carry your theme, such as these awesome table centerpieces that this bride made herself to reflect various common elements in her Zelda themed wedding (in this pic, a bomb, but there was also a harp, a slingshot, and so on). Definitely check out the pics at her site - she did an amazing amount of work creating all the different Zelda details:

Of course, even if you choose traditional attire, you can go a little wild with some Zelda-themed shoes! Like these hand-painted Zelda heels  

And for the groom...

And a bride needs her, Flower Fairies:

And of course you need a Zelda themed cake!


And last but not least, Zelda cookies for wedding guest take-home treats!

Gosh it was tough to narrow it down. There are soooo many cool ideas out there for Zelda wedding enthusiasts!! You can see all the pins I've compiled for a Legend of Zelda wedding at my Pinterest board:


  1. Hi Suzy, Thanks for including my ring design. A few months have gone by and I have added a few more designs. I wanted to share them with you: (and I hope you are enjoying your flight!)

    1. Zsolt, I have updated to link to your site and as the designer of the rings. I am sorry not to have done so before. I am very new to blogging and I'm still learning and thought that linking from Pinterest was enough, but I now realize that it clearly is not and I will be making sure in all future postings to get permissions and clearly credit those whose work is featured. I would love to feature more of your designs. I think you are amazingly talented and I love your stuff!! Please let me know if it is okay to feature you on my blog and Pinterest boards as long as I make sure to credit you by name and link to your actual website. I would really appreciate it and I hope I can pass some business your way.