Friday, August 16, 2013

Belated Wedding Theme Thursday: A Dachshund Wedding!

Got my days confused and didn't realize it was Thursday yesterday until almost midnight, and just wasn't up to attempting a blog post at that point. In honour of my "long dogz" I decided to feature dachshunds as this week's wedding theme!

If you are a dachshund owner you already know how owning a dachshund can be a life-changing event. These little weenies get under your skin (in a good way) and you end up hooked. It's hard to have just one! ha!

Here's some wedding ideas for dachsie owner that want to show their dachshund love in the theme of their wedding day celebrations!

First - the invites. How cute are these dachshund themed wedding invitations from Etsy sellers

For the ceremony, make sure your dachshund plays a role as maybe ringbearer...
 Etsy shop Reggieana makes this classic satin ringbearer pillow just for dogs! 

or maybe your dog will just watch your back and make sure nobody (else) messes with the bride's train...

Wedding attire for the groom - check out these dachshund cufflinks from
and for the bride, check out these Fornarina Dachshund Shoes 

check out these handpainted Doxie wedding shoes from Etsy seller norakaren:

At the reception there are tons of ways to incorporate dachshunds into your decor from the 
place cards, to ice sculpture:

to champagne flutes...

And if you are having a small wedding, this is a wonderfully unique dachshund themed guest book idea that can double later as wall art and a keepsake of your wedding. Each guest writes their wedding wishes for the couple inside a dachshund...

And we can't forget the cake! You could incorporate dachshunds in the cake decor itself...

or go for a more traditional cake design and leave the dachshunds for the cake topper:

I personally love these customized paper topper by Gwen at Concarta:

Guest favors could be these adorable dachshund mini key fobs, maybe with a thank you tag from the bride & groom attached with the date of the wedding:

or these yummy looking dachshund cookies from
They'd be so cute in a little window box with a ribbon and thank-you tag!

Or if you want to send a personalized thank you card after the wedding, offers this cute design:

However you decide to include your dachshunds in your special day, have fun and don't sweat the small stuff. :-)

Here's a link to a wonderful Facebook page from At-Choo featuring an album of pictures from a very special wedding featuring two beautiful rescued dachshunds who proudly play roles in their new Mom's wedding. So cute! Check it out!

And for more dachshund themed wedding inspiration, check out my Pinterest board:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wedding Theme Thursday: Book Lovers Wedding Inspiration!

My husband and I are readers. In fact, the whole family loves to read, and we love our books! If wedding themes had been popular when we were getting married we might've gone with a Book-Lovers theme ourselves! Not everyone gets how I feel about books that I love, but my husband not only gets it, he shares the same feelings, which is awesome and has probably gone a long way towards making our marriage successful. He has also become very good at building bookcases throughout the years. :-)

So I understand couples who share the book love and want to make it part of their wedding celebration, and these days there are lots of fun ways to incorporate that love into everything from your invites to your bouquet!

A fun invite that appears to be very popular is couples choosing a classic book cover for their wedding invitations.  Marty McColgan, a freelance graphic artist from Ireland works with couples to create wonderful book-themed invites and says that Penguin book covers are especially popular:

Or some couples go for the retro-library vibe with old library card invites:
Designed by Collin Morgan

Incorporating books into the ceremony can take the form of creating a book altar - 

create a pretty book and flower backdrop to stand in front of while you take your vows:

Some brides go all out with the book theme, like this gown made from the pages of books!
Designed and hand crafted by Lancashire bridal designer, Jennifer Pritchard Couchman.

For brides not quite willing to go that extreme, maybe a bouquet of paper flowers:

DanasPaperFlowers on Etsy has a variety of wonderful paper bouquets , boutonnieres, and corsages!

And how about these nails!!

And don't forget to provide some confetti for guests to throw!

At the reception you can really have fun with the book theme...

How about a guest book that holds old-style library cards that guests can sign with their good wishes and advice for the bride & groom:

Tables could be named after favourite authors rather than numbers:
Or if someone is creative, use books to display table numbers as well as providing some unique centerpieces:

There's lots of ideas out there for using book pages to make garland or flowers:

How about a book page runner down the middle of the tables?

And if you are a sewer, these seat covers would be such fun for a book themed wedding!

Can't forget the wedding cake. Incorporate pages or words from books you love...

Have fun with it!

Or maybe a cake that looks like books!

And look at these cake toppers!

Gift ideas for bridesmaids...
how about some studs made from old book pages...

Or be a little more literal with a book related gift:

Guest favors?...a bookmark of course!

And make sure to get your photographer to take a Thank You pic you can enclose with your thankyou cards or even have made into Thank You postcards!